Hurry up and eat some of this
7:04 p.m. Aug. 31, 2005
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My body aches. This cold rainy weather is beautiful but it does not work well with my body. My hips are bruised from therapy. Ouch. Jesse put his hand on my hip and it hurt so much, it just felt as though he punch me.

I need a stress-free weekend. I want to go to the spa and just get a massage and sleep all the time in silence and maybe eat some fruit.

I started talking to some old friends from the past. They were all guy friends and they all started confessing their long lost true feelings for me. It was creepy. I came to regret my choice in catching up with old pals.

Why are guys always the same, it's so rare to find an actual good male friend these days.

Growing up I had plenty of male friends and I honestly prefered them over females. I don't really have any left, there are a few of Jesse's friends that I get along really well with but in the end, they are Jesse's friends so it is not the same.

I am supposed to be painting right now but I know I will just fall asleep so I am trying to wake myself up here. I am also praying that I am not getting sick. I just don't feel spiffy and fresh at all. This morning my throat hurt a little bit and I was nauseated but it passed. I'm just hoping that was just some odd thing and nothing to worry about. I have weekend plans dammit.

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